How to rent?

Mo’s Mansion rental is per week, depending on the availability, here is the way to rent:

  • First of all, you re able to book through the booking calendar page:
    • Select the week available of your choice
    • Then fill in the form appearing beside
    • If you want to add another week (or more), do the same operations for each week (technical issue)
  • You can contact us over the phone +33 (0)7 64 09 79 98 (English spoken) or through email:, providing the dates for your booking
  • If the selcted period is available, we will send the contract and terms and conditions through email or postal mail within 7 days.
  • The booking will become definitive when  you send back the signed contract and provide the account (arrhes) equivalent to 25% of the total amount of the rental.
  • 30 days before the rental, or when you book if it’s after this period, you have to pay the rest of the total amount (75% pending)
    • The day of the rental, you have to provide the safety deposit of 300,00€ by check (french) or wire (SWIFT or equivalent) which shall be given back after the rental.

Example given :

  • Booking for 2 weeks made on May the 4th
    • Dates : from July 18th to August 1st
    • Costs : 750,00€ a week
    • Total amount : 1500,00€
    • Account (25%) : 375,00€ paid on May 4th
    • Payment : 1125,00€ due on June 18th
    • Deposit : 300,00€due on July 18th

“Check-in” is expected from 4:00PM to 7:00PM. When entering the house, a status review (état des lieux) will be provided. You shall provide the safety deposit at the moment.

“Check-out” has to be done before 10:00AM. The status review is done with you and is to be used as reference for any damages.

Safety deposit will be given back after the rental, whole or partly, depending on the amount of repairs necessary, by check (french) or wire within a 30 days delay.

We recommend to read the following documents, contract and terms &conditions (in french for the moment):

And you’ll shall only let your suitcases drop on Mo’s Mansion floor!